Fast, Secure, & Disposable

Each request to a ZeroVM App, or zapp, results in the spawning of an independent instance. Each instance is isolated and secure, spinning up in under 5 milliseconds, and is destroyed after finishing the request. The speed of ZeroVM comes from each instance virtualizing only what is required to run a single process.

Data Local Computing

ZeroVM allows you to bring the hypervisor to your data. With a fully executable size at just under 75kb the ZeroVM hypervisor is lightweight and portable. The small size allows ZeroVM to be embedded directly within your existing storage system, closing the loop between compute and data in the ETL lifecycle.


ZeroVM has been integrated into OpenStack Swift in a project code named Zwift. The Zwift project consists of a job manager to install on the proxy layer and a daemon to install at the cluster level. Zwift enables the serving of dynamic applications directly from a Swift cluster.

Download ZeroVM

ZeroVM is free to download, use, and extend. Browse our Git repository to find source code, command-line utilities, and run-time libraries. Plenty of sample code and examples for porting your project to ZeroVM are available as well. Want to give back to the project, great! Contact us and and tell us about your pull request.

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